Kids have been the single-most shielded age group from COVID-19.

No school, social events, parties, or club sports for most of the country since March.

That security is now being tested as schools across the country look to begin reopening their doors to in-person instruction.

You can provide anonymous feedback about when your school is reopening and how prepared you feel the are, by completing our anonymous school restarting survey here.

Anonymous Reporting

If your school, district or state refuses to act on cases, or if you want to notify others before the bureaucratic procedures get to it, fill out our 100% anonymous survey.

Is your school doing enough?

Fill out one of the surveys below to give feedback on how your school measures up in preventing COVID-19 this fall.

Stay up-to-date with cases in your area

We provide data for cases, deaths, testing and more, so you can keep current on all the COVID-19 news in your area.

This survey also provides an outlet for teachers and families to express how they feel about their respective district’s actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and what options are available regarding online, in-person, and hybrid learning.

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