Florida COVID Action Data Library

COVID-19 Data for Florida

For questions related to this documentation or the website, dashboards, and associated maps, data and applications, please email us at Contact@FloridaCovidAction.com.

For the current data definitions and schema information for DOH published data, please contact DOH directly at COVID-19@FLHealth.gov. The most recent PDF version of this information can be downloaded here. Data obtained from DOH for the Florida COVID Action website can be found here.

All data feeds provided by Florida COVID Action

Stand-alone Florida COVID Action APIs:

Cases, testing and health:

By Geography:

Vulnerable communities:

By time:

Analysis feeds:

Crowd-sourced data feeds:

Stand-alone dashboards/interactives:

Florida Case Overview
Get Tested (application)
Get Help (application)
Health and Hospitals Dashboard
Cumulative cases by city, by week (updated every Sunday)
New cases and deaths by day
New cases and deaths by week
Long term care/assisted living facility cases and deaths
Demographic data and trends
Reopening criteria and status by county
Healthcare outcomes by age
National School Reopening Survey:
1. Survey
2. Results
National school surveillance and reporting system:
1. Map
2. Survey

All Public DOH service layers:

Please note: DOH is no longer updating the below data feeds, and has deleted many of them as of June 3, 2021.

Sources/External data feeds used on the dashboard

Historical COVID Data for Florida:

Note: The University of South Florida has data backed up from DOH from the launch of dashboard in March. You can view their main data website here or visit their data archive hub here.

What I’m looking to find:

  1. Data on community resources – including (but not limited to – food banks, elder care, transportation assistance, assistance with pets and children, etc., from county to local level. If a fire station is giving away boxed lunches, let me know. If a closed school is providing technology, books or food for kids, let me know. If a group of people decided to form a volunteer dog-walking crew to help those with restricted mobility or those advised not to go out (whether positive or vulnerable), let me know.
  2. Local data on deaths, hospitalizations and cases that may not be published by the Florida DOH.
  3. Your stories, how this virus has impacted you and your family, and your hopes going into the future.

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