Hospital Data

Data for hospital bed capacity and current COVID-19 hospitalizations comes from the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). You can see their raw data here.

Data feeds

We provide a public data feed that pulls the county-level bed availability and current COVID-19 hospitalization data twice a day from AHCA. You can access the info page here, the rest service feed here.

Current hospital data from AHCA


New AHCA Data on Currently Hospitalized COVID-Positive Persons (AS OF JULY 10, 2020)

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) provides the hospital data you see on this page, including the newly-added count for active COVID-19 hospitalizations.

You can access the raw AHCA data here

The COVID-19 “currently hospitalized” data only counts persons who are hospitalized with a “primary diagnosis of COVID-19.” This excludes persons with multiple diagnosis in which COVID-19 is a factor but not primary diagnosis, those who were hospitalized at the time they contracted COVID-19, or any case where a doctor doesn’t feel COVID-19 is the primary cause of illness. 

According to AHCA, the data should be updated by all hospitals in the state no later than 10 AM; however, AHCA notes that many hospitals do not meet this deadline, and that others may update more frequently throughout the day.

AHCA Data on Hospital Bed Capacity

On June 22, 2020, Governor DeSantis announced that the AHCA would no longer report the number of occupied ICU beds as it had previously been done.

Consequently, the number of available beds shown as available in this data includes beds that are currently occupied, but that the DeSantis administration has determined by an un-disclosed metric could be made available by removing the person occupying it.

AHCA does not report data for VA hospitals, which are licensed by the Federal government, rather than the state, according to officials at AHCA.

The office of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently took over reporting COVID-19 cases from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). We already know that how hospitalizations are being reported now are inconsistent with what AHCA is reporting, as HHS uses models rather than real numbers to show estimates of hospitalizations, rather than total hospitalizations based on a primary dx of COVID.

How the governor’s order to change reporting of “available” ICU beds remains unquantified.

Hospitalization Data by DOH

There is no active count of COVID-19 positive persons admitted to a hospital ER or as an in-patient by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) database. 

DOH has never provided data about the number of people currently hospitalized or in the emergency room who are COVID-19 positive. They do not provide dates for when COVID-19 persons were admitted to or discharged from the ER or as in-patients to a hospital. 

The only hospital-related data published by DOH is the Florida Metrics data, published every Sunday, which counts the total number of legal Florida residents who visited an ER in the state of Florida with symptoms matching the key terms of influenza and COVID-19 (reported by week).  

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