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Our website is paid for entirely by crowd-sourcing from the public. Your support allows us to purchase the hardware, software and services needed to keep our site up and going, and pay our chief founder for her 12-hour days of work, every day of the week.

Thank you for helping us in our mission to provide data free to the public during this crisis. By supporting us financially, you’re becoming a champion of free, open and transparent data for all.

With my sincerest gratitude,

Call us old fashioned, but we love getting notes in the mail from supporters who believe the public has a right to accurate and transparent data.

If sending a check, please address to:

Rebekah Jones (FCA)
PO Box 13747
Tallahassee, FL 32317

Instructions on using the web form below to send a donation:

To increase the amount of your donation below, change the number of purchases under the “$10.00” text.

Every time you increase the number of “items” in the box next to the PayPal logo, you increase the amount of your donation by $10. Right now, it defaults to “1.” If you change it to “2,” that would mean $20. “3” would be $30, and so on. If you get crazy with it and change it to “100,” that would mean $1,000, and I think I would have to send you a personalized video message after I faint!

Send a gift to Florida COVID Action

Thank you for your generous gift to Florida COVID Action. All funds go directly to the project to maintain the systems, make necessary purchases, and pay for the time dedicated to this project.


You can use the form above, or click on the link below. There is a small fee with PayPal (3.05% if using credit/debit card, 0% if using PayPal funds or family/friends), but ZERO fees if you send a check!

Your money ends up going to the same place, but we realize some people are more comfortable with different types of websites and methods, so we’ve made multiple options available.

Florida COVID Action, LLC is currently a Florida-licensed business in the process of transitioning to a Social Benefits Corporation. The process is complicated and we’re still working on gathering the accounting and legal expertise to navigate this new frontier. As such, no gifts here will be tax-deductible, and should I end up forming a not-for-profit, the status is not retroactive.

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