Hurricane Season Started June 1

Is your family prepared for a hurricane season complicated by COVID-19?



Don’t wait. Get prepared now.

  1. Know your evacuation zone.
    • Click here to search for your zone by your address.
      Please note: This map shows only hurricane storm surge evacuation zones. It does not include inland flood zones.
  2. Make a plan.
  3. Get supplies.
    • Click here to view a list of recommended supplies.
      Please note: The closer a storm gets to the coast, the more people go to the store to get supplies. Get your supplies now, if you can, to avoid large crowds and additional exposure to COVID-19.

Get Supplies

Click here to open a PDF of critical hurricane supplies by the Florida Department of Emergency Management (DEM).

Additional resources:
Red Cross

Make a Plan

Know where you’ll stay and for how long in case of evacuation. DEM maintains a map of open shelters here and a list of shelters by county here. Be sure to ask what COVID-19 measures are being taken before planning on arriving to a shelter. The Red Cross issued this shelter plan for state and volunteer members regarding shelters during this hurricane season.

Clear water at the beach


COVID-19 will complicate an already difficult process in planning for and responding to tropical storms. We’re here to help as much as we can.


  • Hotel surveillance
    • Public reporting of available rooms, coronavirus rules/policies/protections in place, and more. Hotels are encouraged to participate.
  • Shelter surveillance
    • State policies on coronavirus per shelter, as well as shelter capacity and availability.
    • Special needs shelters, precautions in place, and public reporting of facility standards.

Be prepared and stay safe.

Knowing your evacuation zone can be the difference between life and death. Click here to search for your evacuation zone by your home address.

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