How a change in reporting policy created a dramatic change in counting deaths

After reaching out to the Florida Department of Health about the dramatic change in reporting, they confirmed in an email that the official policy of how they reported deaths changed sometime between June and August.

A Note on The Relationship Between Covid-19 Death Occurrence and Reported Date

Much has been written about the relationship between date of death and the date the death is reported by Florida DOH. Despite it being a relatively trivial footnote in the Florida Coronavirus Saga, it has become somewhat of an obsession by some laymen. While there is value in studying the distribution of time between dateContinue reading “A Note on The Relationship Between Covid-19 Death Occurrence and Reported Date”

A new adventure for COVID Action: The COVID Monitor

COVID Action and FinMango launched our new joint-venture yesterday, The COVID Monitor.
From our new site you can access our map and data site, report cases, volunteer your time or donate to the organization. Donations to this project through FinMango are tax-deductible.

Monitoring, tracking and reporting COVID-19 Cases in the USA’s 13,000+ school districts: A FinMango and Florida COVID Action Initiative

FinMango and Florida COVID Action are partnering on a ground-breaking joint project, launching the nation’s first COVID-19 dataset focusing on coronavirus cases in every K-12 school district in the U.S.A.

Confused about DOH testing data? You’re not alone.

On any given day, we receive half a dozen emails about the Florida Department of Health’s (DOH) conflicting testing data. We’ve summarized the three primary data resources for pulling testing data from DOH, and created a standalone dashboard to show all that DOH provides. Testing data by PDF Report: The daily PDF report issued byContinue reading “Confused about DOH testing data? You’re not alone.”

National Reporting System for Schools; Additional resources for states

Our national survey for reopening schools already includes data from 36 U.S. States, as of 10:00 AM ET today. The results of our preliminary surveys should worry anyone keeping an eye on how schools plan to reopen this fall. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of resources for all 50 US states (and several US Territories),Continue reading “National Reporting System for Schools; Additional resources for states”

Deaths reported, cases, mortality and hospitalizations by age group and gender: July 29, 2020

July 29 set a new record for reported deaths with 217 (residents and non-residents). Cases are trending downward in most age groups, but mortality rates tell a different story.

Mortality, Hospitalization and Survival rates adjusted for reporting lag, July 24, 2020

As cases continue to increase in Florida (12,444 new cases for today), a lot of discussion lately has focused on the mortality rate (and to a lesser extent, the hospitalization and survival rates). We take a closer look at these trends by age group considering the reporting lag by DOH.