Florida COVID-19 Data Update; June 15, 2021

Since I’m still suspended from Twitter pending review, I’ll be using this forum more actively to discuss Florida’s COVID-19 data, as reported by the CDC. I’m still getting around to seeing what we can do with the CDC made available online for hospitalization, case and death data for COVID-19 for the state. A reminder ofContinue reading “Florida COVID-19 Data Update; June 15, 2021”

The End of an Era

The last few weeks felt like a whirlwind. First, I headed back down to the Gulf Coast with a crew of documentary filmmakers to retrace the lifetime of hardship that made me into who I am today. I visited my impoverished home town, the room where I sheltered during Katrina, the concrete slab where myContinue reading “The End of an Era”

Countering Some Myths About COVID-19 in Florida; October 19, 2020

The Badger dives into a few of Florida’s “covid truther” myths in this week’s analysis.