Florida COVID-19 Data Update; June 15, 2021

Article by the Wolf

Since I’m still suspended from Twitter pending review, I’ll be using this forum more actively to discuss Florida’s COVID-19 data, as reported by the CDC.

I’m still getting around to seeing what we can do with the CDC made available online for hospitalization, case and death data for COVID-19 for the state.

A reminder of events from the last two weeks:

On the morning of June 4, 2021, the Miami Herald published this important piece online about what happened with COVID-19 data and reopening last May, exposing the Florida Department of Health and substantiating every point in my whistleblower complaint.

You can read a free, archived version of the article here (without audio or interactive elements)

A few hours later – the Governor’s office announced it would no longer be updating the dashboard and data systems I built for them (but STILL have not been fully paid for) 15 months ago.

Monday, the day after the Miami Herald article circulated across Florida in print (taking up three full pages of the Sunday issue), I was suddenly suspended from Twitter for tweeting out the Miami Herald article too many times and thus violating their policy regarding “spam.”

The Governor’s office bragged about the suspension (even though Desantis signed a law earlier this month to ban “big tech” for de-platforming). The Governor’s office lied about the cause of the suspension, lied about the Whistleblower complaint, and even hired a woman facing criminal charges next month for violating a restraining order taken out against her this spring. The person she stalked, harassed and defamed was me.

That brings us to today.

No more data from the Florida Department of Health, Agency for Healthcare Administration, Dept. of Corrections, etc.

Only a nine-page summary report in PDF format.

Please be patient as I work to reformat the website to adjust for these changes. I’ll be working in data from the CDC and HHS to supplement some of what we’ve lost because of this premature and reactionary move to hide the data from the public while Florida continues to be in the bottom 10 of US states in handling the virus.

While I’m suspended on Twitter, you can find me on Instagram at @GeoRebekah2

It has been my honor to serve Florida during this time.

I will continue to do that in whatever capacity I can with the limitations the Governor’s office is now putting on public access to this vital health information.

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