Florida COVID Action Launches National School Survey and Anonymous Reporting Site

Article by the Wolf

Today we launched our first national products — a series of surveys, apps and maps where teachers, students, parents and staff can safely and anonymously report COVID-19 cases in their schools.

After receiving disturbing reports about confirmed cases in schools being swept under the rug from Florida, Georgia, California and beyond, I decided there needed to be an outlet where teachers, staff, faculty and even students could go to report cases at their schools.

This information is HIPAA compliant as we collect no names or personal information other than that a case (or cases) has been confirmed at the school.

We will make sure to match this data up with FDOH case data, and we will be adding a school-age case tracker for each Florida county to our school dashboard shortly (dashboard is still in development). We maintain the Florida county data ourselves, but for other states you will have to refer to your state’s data resources for cases. We recently added a list of these resources to our old-fashioned dashboard.

We also wanted to know when school districts around the country are planning to reopen, so we built another survey which immediately populates this dashboard (embedded below):

This survey also provides an outlet for teachers and families to express how they feel about their respective district’s actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and what options are available regarding online, in-person, and hybrid learning.

We also published a new page dedicated to education data and reporting, which we’ll continue to build throughout the next two weeks.

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