Mortality, Hospitalization and Survival rates adjusted for reporting lag, July 24, 2020

Data and charts by both the Wolf and the Badger

As cases continue to increase in Florida (12,444 new cases for today), a lot of discussion lately has focused on the mortality rate (and to a lesser extent, the hospitalization and survival rates).

We consider a 30-day lag in our hospitalization data shown below, which is based on the Florida Department of Health’s case line data.

If we look at the “survival” rate (cases where no report of an emergency room/department, in-patient hospitalization, or death is recorded) using a 45-day lag, we get a clearer picture about the rates of “case severity” across age groups.

We used the most severe healthcare/death outcome to assign cases below, with a hierarchy of ER/ED visit/in-patient hospitalization/death.

So if you die, you would only be represented in the “died” section. If you went to the ER and were also admitted to the hospital, you would be put in the in-patient hospitalized category, as that is generally considered “more serious” than an ER/ED visit.

If you were never admitted to the ER or as an in-patient to a hospital and you did not die, you would be placed in the “survived with no hospitalization on record” category.

The chart below is interactive, and you can remove age groups from the display by clicking the group on the chart legend. To add it back, just click it again. To reset the chart at any time, double click anywhere on the plot.

We’re also working on creating a new experience for users to improve optimization, add new data resources, and make the interface a more natural reading environment. Here are some of the sub-dashboards that will be included, which are now public and you are free to use.

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