LIVE! COVID-19 Hospitalization Data from AHCA

Article by the Wolf

You asked — we delivered.

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA – a separate entity from DOH) quietly launched its new actively-hospitalized COVID-19 cases/hospital capacity data two days ago.

Naturally, this new data was published through a Tableau view-table, and not an easy-to-ready-and-add-to-other-public-platforms format.

So we wrote a script (a few scripts, actually) to pull said data from the website and to deliver to you both on our main dashboard (under “Health and Hospitals” and through a public REST service!

Of course this means we had to move some stuff around on the dashboard (cases by day moved to “Testing” tab), and we’re keeping the live-count of available hospital beds from the old AHCA API on the home page for now. We’re working on getting automation set for the new data, but we won’t be running updates every 15 minutes like the new AHCA data, or even every 30 minutes like the old AHCA data.

Of course, if AHCA finds it in their hearts to produce their OWN public REST service, like the one they helped the Department of Emergency Management and ESRI build back in April, we won’t have to purchase the additional server time or worry about the changing web token.

You can click the blue tweet button below to ask AHCA to generate the API so the public can have access to the live counts through multiple platforms.

Hey, @AHCA_FL! Please make your #COVID19 #hospital #data available through a public API! Pretty please, #AHCA_FL with cherries on top!!! @GeoRebekah @HealthyFla #AHCA #Florida

For now, we’re working to clean up the process, finish our bridge script, and work out an update schedule.

Rest link:

Item page:


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