Current Policies on Masks

Article by the Wolf

From the Florida Department of Emergency Management, current as of 6/22/20.

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CountyOrange20-JunPeople in public not eating or drinking must wear masks
CitySt. Petersburg19-JunEmployees in all businesses required to wear masks
CityTampa19-JunMandatory mask at all indoor locations where 6 foot social distancing can not be maintained
CountyMartin19-JunRequired for eployees of restaurants, grocer stores and food serivce establishments
CountyMonroe17-JunOwner, manager, employee, customer or patron of a business establishment must wear a face covering while in that business establishment
CountyBrevard18-May“Facemasks encouraged”
CityBoca Raton18-MayFace mask order
CountyGadsden15-MayRescended order to wear masks
CityCoral Springs6-May“Face mask requirement”
CityKey West4-MayBusinesses must wear face coverings
CitySatellite Beach4-MayStaff required to wear masks
CountyAlachua2-MayMasks required where social distancing is not possible

7 thoughts on “Current Policies on Masks

  1. I live in Santa Rosa County up on the panhandle and there are people coming in from Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana. They’re all going to the beaches they’re all going in the stores nobody is wearing masks here.

  2. Leon County enacted a mask ordinance for all business establishments and public transportation on June 23 that went into effect on June 25. There are exemptions for: children under six years old, people with chronic health conditions, public safety officials, customers eating or drinking in a restaurant, and customers exercising at a gym. It also allows business owners and employees to take them off when in areas closed to the public.

  3. I live in Citrus County. The majority of people here do not wear mask. I have been following several post to include comments of people in our county concerning mask and the virus. What I am seeing are comments about how wearing a mask is taking away their rights. Oh and of course the comments are many that say it is a Hoax, it is no worse than the flu, it is the fault of the Democrats and it goes on and on.
    I do not have an N 95 mask but I truly wish I did. My opinion is N 95 mask should be mass produced and given to the elderly and those with serious health problems.
    I believe everyone should be required to wear mask when in public establishments in order for us to get a handle on the increase in positive cases.

  4. Debbie, Manatee County votes on June 29, concerning mask in public and the requirements if any.

  5. Where to start.. hardly anyone wearing masks in charlotte county AND did not like seeing the information that DeSantis stopped providing information on available hospital beds… when the fall out of all these cases hits who has a plan for our local Hospitals??

  6. Roger I agree, I did not like the fact that Desantis decided to keep the information concerning available ICU beds private! Where is the sense in that??

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