Public Release: June 16, 2020

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Key points:

  1. DOH data is usually updated through their PDF reports and public API’s by noon each day. Some of our data is automatically updated, and others we back up and verify before publishing. Our dashboard is fully updated by 2:00 PM ET daily.
  2. DOH is still refusing to release the underlying data regarding antibody testing and PCR testing.
  3.  DOH has made false and defamatory statements about the Florida COVID Action dashboard.

The Florida Department of Health walked back previous statements about antibody and case data today, stating there “might” be overlap between persons who receive antibody testing and those who “may subsequently” receive molecular testing.

From a DOH spokesperson, “In many cases, individuals who test positive for antibodies are subsequently given a diagnostic test to confirm that they are in fact COVID-19 positive. The RJ Dashboard fails to account for individuals who have received both tests. This results in the double-counting of many cases and an artificially elevated total case count.”

DOH did not offer figures on how many of those cases overlap or even a ball-park range or percent of overlap. Florida COVID Action is committed to presenting the most accurate data available to the public, and would be willing to work with DOH to resolve these issues. Unfortunately, DOH has not responded to multiple inquiries regarding these alleged discrepancies.

Additionally, DOH falsely claimed the Florida COVID Action dashboard uses “unauthoritative” data.  All data for FCA is copied directly from the PDF reports that DOH publishes on its own website every day. The hospital data is the direct data from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), which is the state’s authoritative source for hospital information. There is no data on the dashboard about cases, deaths, hospitalizations, or testing results that does not come directly from DOH itself. This statement is not only false, it is defamatory, and we are asking for a full and immediate retraction.   

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