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You can now get a diagnostic test (PCR), rapid-result test (antigen), and antibody test in Florida from licensed providers.

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Walk up testing FAQs.
Drive-thru testing FAQs.

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Taking back control starts with getting tested. We’ve built an application to help you search for the testing centers closest to you by your address, allowing you to search by test facility type, type of test (antibody or diagnostic), whether or not drive-thru testing is available, and whether or not you need a referral.

Testing facility data is provided by URISA’s GISCorps. Providers can submit data about their testing facilities here. GISCorps also publishes two third-party testing site locators for out-of-state residents which you can access here and here.

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We are always looking for new data resources to add to our portal. We would like to work directly with any and all hospitals, local governments or other agencies to provide the most current and accurate data available.

Email us at: Contact@FloridaCovidAction.com
with “Data” in the subject line.

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